We always feel so very grateful to all the photographers who have taken such beautiful photos of our linen.  We'd like to credit the following imagery to: 


Hand painted blue gingham linen 
Photograph by: @the_farmers_friend
Styled by: thedesignyardevents


Duck Egg napkin 
Photograph by: @lucie.weddings


All of our product photography has been shot by Daniel Nash from @somersetonline
Clancy Paine for Buy From the Bush       
Clancy Paine for Buy From The Bush
Clancy Paine for Classy Quarters
@clancypaine @clasyquarters
Styling @jemimaaldridge photography @clancypaine @regionalpr  @countrystyle 

how we care

Linen is for life as are the memories we create when gathered together around a table. Our products have been made to stand the test of time, ready to be passed down just like Granny's recipes. 

We're busting when pride when it comes to our products because we source supremely soft, environmentally friendly fabric made exclusively made from flax, a natural fibre known for its durability, lasting for centuries.

OEKO-TEX certified

This certification means that our fabric is tested to make sure no harmful substances are used before it’s sent to us. Our linen is carefully dyed free from harmful chemicals. We prioritise sustainable practices, safeguarding the ecosystem throughout the entire process. By the time our linen reaches your home, you can be confident that it has been produced with unwavering dedication to environmental preservation.

Authentically FRENCH

While the flax plant can be grown worldwide, we specifically source ours from Normandy, France. This region offers premium production due to its optimal climatic conditions that enable the cultivation of flax in a natural and ecologically responsible manner, without the need for pesticides or hazardous chemicals. A stamp of approval is sent with every shipment highlighting that our flax is authentically grown in France before being sent to be manufactured.


Our linen is certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) which ensures that our products are manufactured under stringent standards for social criteria such as working conditions, pay, health and safety throughout the supply chain.

The SA8000 Standard is a document that is independently audited in relation to the protection of workers’ rights. By having this certificate, it means that the factory has upheld SA8000 compliance for three years beforehand and continues to do so with regular checks.