How to Calculate the Right Tablecloth Size for Your Table

How to Choose the Perfect Tablecloth for Your Dining Table

French linen is the crème de la crème of fabrics. Being 100% natural linen, it will last a lifetime and our degustation of mix and match linen colours means that what ever colour tablecloth and napkins you choose, you can feel confident knowing that they will complement each other. 

Setting the scene with the right tablecloth is essential as it lays the foundation for your tablescape. It's the base layer for your colour scheme, setting the tone for your event. When choosing a tablecloth, consider the look you're after, how many guests will be seated at your table and your table's dimensions to ensure a perfect fit.

Long Lunch Linen Tablecloth Sizes Guide

At Long Lunch Linen, we specialise in long tablecloths made from premium quality pure French linen from Normandy, France. We offer a wide range of tablecloth sizes for rectangular or round dining tables.

This guide will help you measure your table accurately, choose the best tablecloth size and determine the ideal drop length for your dining table. 

But first....

To Drape or Not to Drape?

All of our tablecloths are designed to fit your table with the classic amount of drape - where the tablecloth skims your guests laps which is about  20 - 50 cm approximately, and the same amount of drape over the ends. However, if you're after a more romantic look with the fabric drapeing over the ends to the floor, we suggest that you size up.

For example:

If your table is 182 cm long (6ft - the same as a Bunnings trestle table) and you were considering a classic look, we would advise you to use our Long linen tablecloths  that are 280 cm long.   

However if you were hoping to hide the legs of said trestle table then we suggest that you size up to our Extra-Long linen tablecloths that are 340 cm long, which  would then skim the ground at either end of your table. 

Lastly, if you were after a dramatically romantic look, with plenty of fabric to create a train on either end, we your recommend you look at the Entertainer tablecloths stretching 440 cm long. 

The same applies to our Round tablecloths too and we offer three sizes for this reason. 

How to Measure Your Dining Table

Before measuring your table, add or remove any leaf extensions you plan to use to determine the final tablecloth size. Clear your table for accurate measurements from edge to edge. We like to use a measuring tape rather than a ruler for ease and more accurate measurements and ensure the chairs are pushed in when measuring the desired drop length for accuracy. 

  • Rectangular Tables: Measure the length and width and height from floor to tabletop. ie. 200 cm x 100 cm x 76 cm
  • Round Tables: Measure the diameter of the tabletop and the height from floor to tabletop. ie. 150cm x 76cm

How to Determine Your Tablecloth Drop

The length of your tablecloth drop influences the formality of your setting. A 20 cm to 50 cm drop is suitable for casual and classic settings, while a 70 cm - 80 cm or longer drop is recommended for more formal occasions. 

How to Calculate Tablecloth Size

  • Rectangular Tables: Multiply your desired drop length by two and add this to both the length and width of the tabletop. For example:  I would like the tablecloth to drape to the ground on my trestle table. So I multiply the height by two and then add that number to the length of my table.

    76cm x 2 =  152cm, then take the length of the table and add it to 152 cm. ie 182 cm (length of table) + 152 cm (table height x 2) = 334 cm

    Our Extra-Long tablecloths are 340 cm which will give me full coverage on either end of my trestle table, hiding the legs. 
  • Round Tables: Multiply your desired drop length by two and add this to the diameter of the table. Remember that round tables don't have an end to hide, so a tablecloth that skims your guests laps is a good thing- especially to avoid your guests tangling their legs in the tablecloth. 

If you can't find the exact size that you need, we always recommend to round up to the next available size. 

If you have any question regarding your tablecloth size or colour choice, please don't hesitate to email Carina at or call on 0418360393.

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